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    APL - ASX Company Announcement

    24 April 2002
    Part 1/1
    HOMEX - Perth
    Circular Re:APL Reorganisation of Capital
    Participation Organisations are advised that subject to shareholder
    approval the reorganisation of capital for Australian Plantation
    Timber Limited (the "Company") will be effective from Friday 26
    April 2002.
    The reorganisation is by way of consolidating every five fully paid
    ordinary shares in the capital of the Company into one fully paid
    ordinary share.
    Fractions will be disregarded.
    The following timetable will apply.
    24/04/2002 Shareholders approval
    26/04/2002 Trading would normally commence in the reorganised
    securities on a deferred basis.
    ASX Code: APLDA
    02/05/2002 Last day for the Company to register transfers on
    a pre-reorganisation basis.
    03/05/2002 First day for the Company to register securities
    on a post reorganisation basis.
    09/05/2002 Despatch date. Deferred settlement trading would
    normally end. ASX Code: APL
    10/05/2002 Normal T+3 trading would normally commence.
    15/05/2002 Settlement of trades conducted on a T+3 basis.
    The securities of the Company will remain suspended.
    ASX Contact: Jill Hewitt
    Business Unit: Companies Perth
    Ext No: 6023
    ends - AAP

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