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  1. ob2
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    I'm a believer too, but only because I have to.........

    And what exactly has APG salvaged from the India deal - 7.4% carried interest and the option of a further 14.8% if it contributes. Contributes with what????? the coffers are bare. And this is if something ever comes of India.

    And didn't APG have all of the India deal - or at least 50%? So pls don't claim that the Ticor involvement was gratis - it certainly has cost APG.

    And what did Bemax pay for the licence? Such a win-win as claimed, but still ashamed to reveal exactly how much, or how little??

    Short term outlook after 3+ years, I don't think so.
    In retrospect, APG have been big on rhetoric, and small on delivery.

    But, I still wait in hope........

    pls don' take this personally, I'm just venting.

    cheers, ob2
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