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    After speaking with Nick Gaston, APG's company secretary, the other day and asking him about the financial future viability of APG I feel reassured that APG will survive.

    Some on this forum have speculated that APG will be forced into voluntary recievership due to lack of funds.

    Nick stated that the company has an rolling 18 month forcast on it's financial needs and that they have several options to secure future funding that they are currently exploring. He indicated that no decision has yet been made on the course of action they will pursue but that there were several avenues that they could turn to. He also indicated that there would be more announcements in the coming months once they decide the course of action.

    I feel comfortable with my investment.

    Also, a note to those with small offerings of shares at 11 cents and above, you are doing nothing for the current shareprice in my opinion. Remove your offer, wait for the price to rise to that level and then sell. Sit tight, your small parcels should be easy to shift then. This will make the market depth look better.

    I hold APG and am happy with what the company is doing, I like many wish it was faster but so be it, I will be rewarded in good time. I just wish I could buy more at today's prices.

    Do your own research.

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