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apache voted with their feet, page-4

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    Wow, what an enlightening article above. Thanks for posting.

    The important part for us holders here is this part:

    "‘More Expensive’

    Woodside “appears to need” Apache’s gas more than Chevron, Greenwood wrote in his note to clients. “Clearly, Woodside must have an alternative in mind, and we keenly await progress to understand why it has forgone this opportunity,” he said.

    A development relying on Hess gas discoveries about 175 kilometers (109 miles) from the Pluto project would be “a lot more expensive” compared with one using Apache’s gas, which is about 20 kilometers away, he said. Woodside does have exploration targets nearby, but they are small and unlikely to underpin an expansion, he said. "

    !!! So in other words Woodside have small targets so not enough to underpin multiple trains and Hess will be far more costly given it's location. I wonder who that leaves nearby!

    At this point I'm ready to call centrebet or the TAB and ask if they'll create a market and let me put a big bet on Woodside becoming the farm-in partner. I will now be officially astonished if it is not WPL who farms into Artemis. They literally can't afford not to given the amount of gas they require for their rapidly developing multi-train Pluto production, and their other options now dwindling at best.

    The planets have aligned for the terms to be in our favour on this fellow holders. Woodside will now be firmly bending over (if they weren't already) to cop the terms MEO is willing to give them.

    We are increasingly in the drivers seat it seems.

    No wonder Jurgen was apparently so cocky in that supposed interview whoever it was attended from here.

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