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AOR - PDG. Can some pls explain!

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    In accepting the offer, Placer is reducing the cash component on the offer from 35c to 28c taking into account 7c AOR paid as a dividend, yet Placer went ex at the same time. So in actual fact they are taking the 7c away and on top of that, not paying the Placer dividend to AOR shareholders who accept the offer. I feel there is something not right here. I would like for someone who has gone through this to try and explain if they could, as I feel AOR shareholders who accept the offer should be entitled to the 35c period regardless of AOR going ex or not. And at worst if they are not entitled the the extra 7c, then Placer should replace the 7c they have deducted with the Placer dividend.

    Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

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