anz kicks off ww iii against itself

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    If you have been hiding under a stone then you wouldn't be aware of the massive amount of raw fury being directed at ANZ in the investment streets of Australia. The importance to ANZ of how the legal arguments pan out from the Opes Prime disaster over the ensuing days weeks and years for the next decade will pale into oblivion compared to the backlash the community will take against the bank.
    The baseball bats are being lined up for the bank and the spectrum of people lining up to take repeated swings at ANZ is growing and growing.
    My prediction is that there will be many many bank clients removing cash and swapping out of ANZ and switching their loans to the other majors.

    Given the scope of losses that innocent investors have endured from having their stock sold out underneath them whilst being denied the opportunity to refinance their Opes Prime margin deals, you can imagine that the extent of ill feeling to ANZ is extreme. These people will want revenge and they will never never ever stop.

    The stakes are extremely high for everyone. Legal challenges to ANZ's actions will continue and somewhere along the way someone is going to have a win over the bank.

    When that day happens you can kiss ANZ goodbye.

    An almighty battle is being prepared.
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