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    The broker is Credit Suisse. You can read all their detailed reviews on www.autroncorp.com (maybe has an au or sg at the end)...

    The ones who have been watching this one build momentum, like myself, are VERY VERY pleased...forget ALL, this one has huge potential....the SINGAPORE market volumes have been crazy for AAT...check out www.sgx.com.sg (look at Stock prices live quotes)...currently 24.5c Sing!

    I have set myself on about 16.5c on this one and DONT sell yet! There is much more to run as the Ozi market has largely ignored this stock. Our volumes are small BUT when the SING AAT rises, out AAT has no option BUT to rise!! Credit Suisse....29c + is not far off the horizon now....the next FY03 report will be a good one....happy trading!
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