Anyone watching?

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    Volume picked up today on CKG with small increase in price. The frist samples are at the lab. CKG advised via their last announcement that results will be "known in a couple of weeks" or something similar. Therefore its probable that the first indications will come from share sales and todays movement was very promising. There is only a 24 to 48 hour turnaround at modern assay labs so the first results will probably already be on the project geo's desk... How will they keep the results quiet for several weeks?

    Only the brave will jump onboard now. But best rewards go to the brave. Watch tommorrow and see if there is follow through with volume and rising price........

    As far as Im concerned CKG's committment to a 24 hole program is a pretty good follow-up up to their trumpet blowing "major discovery" announcement on one hole. Whilst they are big with the rhetoric maybe they just also believe their own hype. And maybe they know more of the story to make such an announcement.

    I am always a believer that the best gold spec trading follow-ups occur with drill programs that get a successful hit on the first hole.This fits the bill.

    I am of the view that a continuous ore zone is all that is required to push CKG's price further. More of the first hole's bonanza grades would be nice, but anything that resembles economic ore and a "potential" mine in the future will be accepted well by the market.

    But hey I dont hold CKG either, a tad risky this one so far, but may do by end of tommorrow. This one is only for your play money.

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