anyone wants to buy controlling stake in indonesia

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    AU$ 900k for a >50% parcel is offered (price not negotiable and in cash, not scrip or deferred).

    there have been a few twentybagger-RTOs with Indonesian shells like Bumi Resources, but the Mining-RTO-story is still quite new there, so shells are still cheap.

    This shell has approval for up to 100% foreign ownership, could also be dual listed abroad.

    Mining properties are plentiful and cheap in Indonesia (Oil/Gas, Coal, metals)

    The offered shell has, unlike Aussie shells, rarity value: It is the only one in the country which is clean of liabilities (open and hidden), has foreign ownership approval ("PMA"-status) and a diversified shareholder base with >50% buyable in one parcel.
    Asian shells in other countries (SGX, China etc.) cost about $10million

    Indonesian index, and economy, is booming again (JSX at record high, and more to come).

    Please forward this mail to potentially interested friends.

    Reply to [email protected]
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