anyone seen the foreign minister

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    Think he circles the earth once every 24 hours - always in a whizz heading for somewhere? Was it a star - a planet - an asteroid? Whoosh!

    How is he getting away with this obsessive travelling? And how necessary is most of it?

    With all the local dramas going on re. boat people, export dramas, Malaysian deals, etc. you'd think he could stay at home once in a while.

    The fact that he's getting away with this relentless jet-setting is a clear indicator that he has it over Julia Gillard. One peep of complaint and he'd pull the plug on her quick smart!

    A disgraceful situation - and foisted on we the taxpayers as yet another outcome of the mess of Labor "getting in" , thanks to all their scyophantic props getting on their side August. Orchestrated I allege by Bruce HAwker.

    Independents indeed!

    Come home Kev - and do your job! Telephones and e-mails and scanning HAVE been invented! And lots of diplomatic corps live on your Canberra doorstep!

    Not a tiny squeak from the Left about this disgrace, either.
    And what about HIS carbon footprint?

    If it had been Alexander Downer doing all the (very unvessary) swanning around - and the reckless scattering of our millions to heaven knows whom without seeming consultation in his wake willy nilly - the screaming of Labor politicians et al would have been heard in Darwin!

    Very sustained screaming!

    One rule for everyone else - and another for us says Gillard. For I am their Queen after all.

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