anyone noticed this gem - gold agc ?

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    Anyone noticed the rise of AGC (Agincourt resources) since listing on Dec 11, from 90c to 1.20 ?

    Not much is known of them, perhaps because no prospectus was listed in the announcements.
    I rang the company and they sent me a prospectus.

    Very interesting - 44m shares, Australia's third largest gold mine at Willuna, previously owned by Newmont and bought out by the employees of the mine for the last eight years.
    They produce 130K ounces per year, have resources of 850K ounces, have their own plant and own huge tenements around Willuna and Honeymoon well.
    Lake Way, about 10kms NNE of Honeymoon well, where Newmont drilled, has shown drills of 30M @7.3g/t, [email protected]/t and [email protected]/t. They are planning to drill there in the New Year.

    anyone want a prospectus, just email me
    [email protected]

    This is an information bulletin for those less informed than myself. Not an invitation to buy.
    For purchase advice, see a broker.
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