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anyone noticed more depth on the buy side

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    looks like the roadshows that the MD is giving in the Eastern States is adding some interest to the stock.

    God only knows why he waited so long to start talking the stock up!!!

    Going on what plantagenet said in his post, it looks like potentially the finance is a done deal for $300m-$400m. It would be nice if all shareholders were told of these developments, rather than it being posted on HC. (i still need to see an announcenment by the company before i belive it 100%).

    I would love to see the presentation, if its the same one he did at the AGM and all the other things he has spoken at i will be pissed. If it is the same it says to me that they keep playing the same record.

    Potential investors want to see the potential, ie if iron ore prices are X we are going to make Y. If we make Y and have XY number of shares then our EBIT figures will look like this and EPS like that. Also throw in the info about how the Chinese will make a packet from the Vanadium to show that the Chinese really want this thing producing and people will take notice. (I am sure Noble group from HK are interest watchers because if i read is true and AXO's Vanadium gets to the market then Winimurra isnt looking to flash when the Vanadium price colapses)

    If anyone has any other info on where the MD has been with the roadshow post it on here as i am interested to know who he has been speaking to. I am also interest to know the feedback from people attending the presentations regarding their thoughts on the company.
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