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anybody has any sltoa for sale please?

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    Yes, we are running short of SLTOA options for sale.

    Alternatively bidders may have to upgrade their limits, I think.

    This is a post from yesterday:

    Subject price of sltoa out of kilter
    Posted 08/09/04 10:32 - 57 reads
    Posted by stolwyk
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    This has been referred to before by others as well.

    "Shares: 31.6 mill. Options: SLTO (7.6 mill) to pay 80 cents on or before 1 Febr. 2007. Options: SLTOA (7 mill) to pay 20 cents on or before 31 May 2008".

    At the moment, SLT is about 52 cents and SLTOA is 32 cents. The difference or 20 cents to pay on or before 31 May 2008

    So, a person has the free use of the money till 31 May 2008 or nearly 4 years. At a rate of 8% , that is 7 cents saved for starters.

    A good reason why I bought SLTOA's some time ago.

    The cash on 30 June was $1.542 mill while the outflow in the preceding 3 months was $0.589 mill.

    Waiting for contracts to be signed as well.

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