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    Giday all, see that there have been alot of hits on the latest posts with no updates. Anybody got anything to add?? See that the locals on LMT aren't too impressed, but I guess that they are in the same boat as anyone who listened to the garbage that the so called management of VRE put forward, as were FP and Insidetrader.Don't know what IMG are thinking, but I can hazard a guess. As far as the management of VRE goes I can understand bad luck as in equipement failure, poor weather,shortage of labour blah blah but to be told bald faced lies really does stick in the craw.
    HOPEFULLY the administrators can salvage something out of this trainwreck and HOPEFULLY investors may be able to salvage some of their hard earned. I will tell you something and that is if ever I see the names of the directors appearing in another company, then I will be steering well clear of them and will advice others to do so.
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