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    re: power and the finals.

    try & keep it low-key. I cringe every time I hear all this confidence and big statements about where the power will finish. I remember last year the media going nuts about port beating brisbane in the last minor round game and how they would crush collingwood in the first final, KG in particular on the radio. Well we all know what happened there, and the reason is that no matter how much the players are told not to listen to the media, the feeling surrounds them and they start believing the hype. Its practically unavoidable.
    So lets play it down, and try and keep a lid on it. We CAN win, but we WON't if we thjink its going to be easy.

    Step 1: Beat the crows on sunday and maybe the following weekend too.

    see ya at the showdown. I'll be the one getting rained on.
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