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    Hi Peter,

    At this end, they have gone awfully quiet. Not a peep out of them, or anywhere else. This is quite unusual for a company which is not otherwise coming up against year-end.

    The key, however, to any scenario unfolding is securing the agreement of UEL. Nothing, therefore, will move except, and to the extent, that UEL has already been tapped on the shoulder (ie: for a 19.9% stake, plus break fee, etc).

    As for Paul Budde, he again has been very busy, making submissions to the forthcoming House Inquiry into Wireless Broadband Technologies.

    In his submission, PB notes that wireless broadband will not be able to compete with terrestrial broadband (ie: he concedes the need for both, but considers that terrestrial broadband will take the dominant share - in much the same way as fixed line communications still outguns mobile revenue, at least within the Telstra environment).

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