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any future?

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    A top equity analyst was quoted in the West Australian news with a worrying ( at least to me) comment that she thought that the biggest risk is now for the current clients to go elsewhere given the uncertainty over NMS delivering what is undertaking to do under its contracts.

    I agreee this a big risk especially due to the short term nature of all the contracts and trust and good-faith involved.

    As a SI I was lining up to protect my investment with more cash on the rights issue x 2 as much and hope for at least say a 50% recovery to get my investment back.

    Now i admit I'm getting cold feet>

    No contact from the brokers now on my proposed bid and underwriting and 2 days overdue .

    Must a been a rough Board meeting and now the rights issue is in a spin and the bankers are knoocking loudly at the door..

    Bad news I 'm afraid is coming.

    See my earlier posts re my foreboding and warnings here .
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