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    San Antonio does look good but it`s hard to know how well because of the non-disclosure from the operator.

    Vallecitos was disappointing as to the delay once again in the completion of EAGLE.(now due in FEB)I wish vpe management would be a little more obliging with the reason for the consant delays in this well.Surely this is their most promising well together with KINGFISHER(which brings us to today`s announcement)

    If tri-valley`s well can be successfully fractured then Kingfisher should be able to do the same.Unfortunately I still remember similiar things being said about EKHO from Tri-Valley so they really need to see this well(sonata) through to production before any of us can get excited.Also remember the horizontal drill of EAGLE-we don`t need this again!!!!!

    In the meantime let`s hope for good flow rates from San Antonio because the shareprice will look very sick if this turns out to be unsuccessful.
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