ANVIL,S Stake in GSR (Value up $3M in 2days

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    As far as I am aware Anvil Mining still hold 2,750,000 shares in Golden Star Resources,which have risen from US $1.30 to US $1.90 in the past 2 days.This would add around $3 m AUD in value to Anvil. With a market cap of around $15m , this should add over 2c per share alone . The total value of Anvils holding in GSR would be over $ 9m AUD . This values Their Dikilushu project at a pittance .Silver is also up from $4.60 to over $4.80 in the past few days and rising .I recall reading somewhere AVL will derive around 25% of their profits from silver when their Dikilushu project begins producing in August.Can anyone confirm this?
    Cheers Brenden
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