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    Hi Scarva... been a long time,

    The progression to production is continuing, AVL has not been slowed down one bit with the uncertainties of the Congo. We should expext an announcement or two soon outlining who won the recent tenders to provide transport/contracting services.

    It's being held down by political uncertainty, a situation I can't help but feel will slowly fade away... no one feels like fighting anymore. In any event the Dikilushi site is in the government controlled area and has never come under Rebel influence... even at the peak of the conflict. Now Kabila has formed a government with one of the Rebel groups (backed by Uganda).. not a completely satisfactory solution but it reverses the balance of power. Rwanda is unlikely to push things too much further as noone is militarily strong enough to win conclusively. Worse case scenaro is the RCD try to annex the geography they have captured, unlikely as they are now having trouble keeping their own army together.

    Talks are continuing, hopefully common sense will prevail... AVL is out of the firing line, production and cash flow in about 10 weeks. AVL are expected to earn (net) $2 mill a month. It is risky but highly profitable.

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