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    It is really satisfying to see Anvil doing exactly as I said it would . I hope some of the knockers eventually saw sense and bought some. Ah! that felt good. I like to let results do the talking and the results are looking good.
    The chart is looking fabulous ,with a strong uptrend .The price hit an all time high today , both intraday and closing price.(at least for the3 years my chart goes back).I feel we will see 20c this week , considering we have had no announcements yet ,and no recent newspaper or magazine articles to boost interest. Who knows , we may even see mid 20,s next week with some favourable press .
    Regardless of the price, recognition is overdue for management of this company .They have looked after their long term share holders ,by keeping dilution to a bare minimum. They have also got on with work, instead of posting lots of company announcements, and letting results speak for them .A tiny management team ( instead of directors lining their own pockets ), has achieved outstanding results . Refreshing when compared with the majority of companies out there . For these reasons I expect to be holding Anvil into the forseeable future .If management continue to perform in this manner we will see Anvil evolve from explorer to mid cap producer in the not too distant future.( barring a takeover ,as even todays price it is still a bargain )
    cheers Brenden.
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