antibiotics in production animals

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    The food industry use of antimicrobials in animals consists of about 40-50 percent of all antibiotics used in this country. Cleverly, the antibiotics are called "antimicrobial growth promoters," or AGPs. The reason why they are so desirable is that they increase growth and "feed efficiency" in animals by 2-4 percent. If you are a livestock farmer, 2-4 percent may be more than even your profit margin. To the farmer, there could be perceived negative ramifications to not using antimicrobial growth promoter.

    Imugene has trialled and developed a cytokine based productivity enhancer delivered by the by the Adenoviral Delivery Vector that enhances poultry growth and weight gain by up to 10% with unchanged or improved feed conversion rates. The Imugene Group holds patent rights to this product in all major territories, including the USA.
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