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    Some questions about Smart&Secure:

    1) Where a Smart&Secure Seal is used to seal a container, sachel or pouch where it can be determined at the destination whether the seal has been
    tampered with, does the seal have to be destroyed at the destination in order to open to receptacle.

    2) If the seal has to be destroyed will this limit the application due to cost restraints.

    3) If the seal does not have to be destroyed does this not ultimately cap the revenue potential of the seals.

    4) If the company does not have sufficient money in order to fund a rapid expansion would the company consider borrowing the money, secured against
    future earnings, rather than dilute shareholder equity further by making a placement.

    Answers from Dr Atherton:

    "Smart&Secure seals are use-once. While they can still be read from and written to after they have been tampered, the "tampered" status cannot be
    reversed. If it could, they would not be as secure".

    "The use-once nature of Smart&Secure seals, labels, etc. does not appear to present a limitation, because they are passive devices and therefore low-cost (in the context of the applications) - typically $1-2 each".

    "I can assure you that in any capital raising the board keeps at the front of the decision-making process the interests of the owners of the company (i.e.the shareholders), including the dilutive effect of each possible course of action".

    There's nothing left about Mikoh that I need to know. It's an all out bet on whether Dr Peter Atherton has the negotiating skill to attract on-going and lucrative deals.
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