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answers to questions on plt from tony grey.

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    1. Can not forecast how long it will take TruScreen to be accepted as a stand alone device. The medical profession is conservative and that is why we are entering the market as a complement to the Pap Smear, demonstrating significantly higher accuracy. We expect that once the profession gains experience with
    TruScreen, doctors will gradually move away from the Pap.

    2. We are concentrating on marketing TruScreen in Europe, which does $1.5 billion of Pap Smears per annum and therefor represents a vast market for us. Our limited resources are better employed on tapping that market first because it was faster and cheaper to get government approval there than in the US. We have a CE Mark which allows us to market throughout the EU. As soon as we generate reasonable revenue in Europe we will do the clinical trials in the USA (very expensive) and obtain FDA approval.

    3. The Australian Defence Force does a regular annual medical check in which an informal look for skin cancers is conducted. We have made a presentation to doctors there who said they were interested. They have referred the matter up the command structure.

    4. The patents are for about 14 years but will be refreshed from time to time with improvement patents.

    5. PLT has nothing to do with patient chairs. That is for the clinic.

    6. I have to look up Epitan - don't know it.

    7. Hard to say why the stock market has not yet reacted to the good news about making the first sales. All three products are now in the market after a very long development period. It should be a time of great excitement on the bourse - it is within PLT. In the past, the market has taken 3 weeks to react to good news announcements. Maybe this is history repeating itself.

    8. It is too early for PLT to advertise its products in the general media. Our markeing strategy is to work with key opinion leaders
    in the medical profession in Australia and Europe, give them first hand experience with the product and enlist them as supporters. Then we will make women generally aware of the opportunity. This is the best order because, if the doctor has never heard of the product, or it is not supported by the leading lights of the profession, they will be embarrassed if the
    patient brings it up. Chances are then that they will knock the product.

    9. Our selling meassage is that doctors can significantly increase the ability to detect per cancer if it is there. Also, if TruScreen produces a negative result
    (which will be in the vast majority of cases since cancer is not a common disease), the doctor can reassure the patient. They will say that to be absolutely sure they need to await the lab results of the Pap Smear which is taken at the same time as the TruScreen. However the patient's anxiety will be usefully reduced. If she isTruScreen positive, the doctor can go straight into patient management without delay. Since the PLT business plan calls for the doctor to keep a significant portion of the cost of the TruScreen examination, they would be
    better off financially, for they make nothing from the Pap Smear. The lab gets it all. The capital cost of the equipment is $5000, which will be financed into low monthly payments, easily offset by examination revenue. Our market research shows that women who go to doctors in the private sector are willing to pay the extra $30 out of their own pockets to get the assurance of significantly higher
    accuracy. After all cancer is a scary disease.

    10. Re last point, we are happy to place you all on our mailing list. If you will send your email addresses to [email protected]
    we will send you news releases. Out latest one, which is posted on our Website, states that we have just got an FDA listing for SolarScan as a
    melanoma diagnostic assistance product (not full claim diagnosis for that would require more
    clinical trials). On the basis of the FDA listing we will be launching the product in the USA next year.

    Tony Grey
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