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    It's almost over, as the end of another sorry year looms for Gippsland. As the first decade of the 21st Century draws to a close, we Gippsland shareholders might ask ourselves: What did we learn?
    Well, for starters, I found out that ten years isn't as long, today, as I once thought it was; the next ten will go even faster and that IS a worry. I also found out that if you keep buying a stock, in even moderate quantities, over a long period of time, before you know it you've got more of them than is prudent. I never went in for fancy cars, or holidays, or jewelry for the Mrs. I went in for Gippsland shares and now Ive got 'em, in spades, but what use are they? Theyre not much of a store of value. I once read that one shouldn't invest in anything that needs feeding or painting, admittedly GIP doesnt use a lot of paint but it's constantly looking to its shareholders for more feed, and if something doesnt happen soon we'll, shortly, be copping a demand for another load of hay to be delivered to Applecross.
    Having got that off my chest, I will say that I agree with those who insist that 2010 will be THE year for GIP. I also think that the first half will have to produce something, because looking for more support from shareholders, rattling the tin with the same old story, isnt going to wash again. But the biggest thing going for 2010 is that JT DIDN'T say, as he has in every previous Annual Report, that the coming year will be an exciting one for Gippsland.
    This year I've made just ONE New Year's Resolution to rebuild my finances, but I'm not going to tell you what it is.
    HOWEVER, my broker has his instructions and those instructions are clear:
    If I ring up for any more of these, HANG UP ON ME.
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