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another tall story - felled !

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    Anyone who is trying to rationalise the Multilink "self appointed" administration as a positive should perhaps review the original announcements SSI put out relating the this business that SSI "only" tipped a couple of million dollars into.
    Lots of big things promised but ...administration is administration means ya can't pay ya bills. And more than likely SSI's equity in Multilik will be worth zip.

    Sure some companies do survive the process and go onto be extremely strong ...but not many .

    Will Multilink survive ?.. ( in a lanscape of telco rationalisation .. and an ever bored and confused and cynical consumer market ) ... I doubt it .

    So SSI --- failed harnesser of the massive Chinese growth machine , failed investor in telco innovation, not quite failed yet , but doing a pretty good job ( only lost everyone elses money so far ) lets see what becomes of GCN .

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