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    Acquires balance of Petroasia Limited

    Document date: Thu 09 Jan 2003 Published: Thu 09 Jan 2003 16:03:34
    Document No: 230537 Document part: A
    Market Flag: Y
    Classification: Asset Acquisition

    HOMEX - Perth

    Kalrez today entered into an agreement, subject to proper execution
    of legal documentation, with Petroasia Group Limited to purchase for
    one (1) Australian dollar the outstanding balance (25%) of Petroasia
    Limited, it does not own. This would make Petroasia Limited a fully
    owned subsidiary of Kalrez.

    In September 2000 Kalrez entered into a Sales Agreement with
    Petroasia Group Limited to purchase 75% of Petroasia Limited for an
    ascribed value (cash and shares) of approximately A$2.22 million
    dollars. (Note Kalrez announcement 25th September 2000)

    Petroasia Limited's only asset was, and still is, the LTS Gas Plant
    originally from WAPET, Barrow Island, which was expected to spearhead
    the Company into gas production plays in Indonesia, which to date
    have not been successful.

    The purchase of the 25% balance brings about corporate certainty to
    the Company, as the September 2000 Sales Agreement had trigger
    entitlement clauses within, which could have exposed the Company to
    issuing 50 million shares at a deemed value of 3c, should even a
    minor sale of parts of the gas plant took place.

    The Company sees the present agreement as a prudent commercial

    E Smith

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