BIG 0.00% $2.22 big un limited

another shocker

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    Best intersections include 5.8m at 0.5 per cent copper, 0.1pc zinc, 3.4g/t silver and 0.05g/t gold, 2m at 0.52pc copper, 4.5g/t silver and 0.56g/t gold, 2m at 1.13pc zinc, 2.5g/t silver, 22m at 0.14pc zinc and 1.7g/t silver with 8m at 0.23pc zinc, 0.12pc lead and 3.4g/t silver
    and 26m at 0.14pc zinc, 0.14pc copper, 2.9g/t silver and 0.06g/t gold.


    Look at the other results.(eg. from 143.6m?) They never mention the depth until you look at the table.

    I am amazed that they are so upbeat and the equiv metal calculation using AUD$1003/ounce of Au is a bit rich IMO.

    Another shocker.

    How could anyone put positive spin on this? I ask the question.

    A write off and a shame that they are even contemplating further drilling this year on this.

    Just my thoughts.
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