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    "Roadshow..another attendees version

    Thanks to Rodamus on Raging Bull

    Washington Meeting

    I was at the Washington Meeting. The ozestock posting on the meeting is misleading.
    The reason the stock is moving is that they are saying, for the first time, that they have three major drugs (with more to come) all of which are without side effects and effective.

    At the meeting...
    NV07a, the skin cream, is effective in treating short and long term sun damage to skin, reduces wrinkles, thinning the skin, reducing possible of skin cancer, and reducing the red inflammation. These trial are complete and negotiations are underway with a number of major cosmetic companies, some of whom are doing their own tests. They were remarkably unforthcoming about which companies and the how much. They would only say very large amounts.

    On the heart disease drug, phase I trials had been performed on a small number of people demonstrating in 100% of cases improvements in various arterial related properties. This they said was partial validation of the animal trials. They went on to say that the drug improves all of the effects of heartdisease, including improving elastisity, increasing blood flow, improving LDL/HDL ratio, reducing lesions and oxidation and deposits on arterial walls. This drug was again without any side effects.
    Some way to go but they seemed confident this drug would make it to market. Stated current US market as $17.8B.

    Phenoxodiol was discussed at length. They showed much science on the clinical and in-vitro trials. All very impressive, they talked about the four mechanisms of action of the drug. When asked at the end of the discussions, they suggested that these mechanisms were common to all cancers, suggesting the drug should [eventually?] work for all cancers, their words. They quoted Dr Rutherford at Yale as saying roughly... a number of women have had a significant response... (women on the Yale Ovarian trial). They talked about other drugs that were being improved by the FDA, the FDA improved attitude and were hopeful of an early consideration by the FDA. They also said that they were not able to get toxic affects no matter how large amounts of the drug they gave. They said they would licence the drug at the end of phase II with our without FDA approval. (My opinion is that they seemed hoped of approval at the end of the current trials.)

    I hope this gives a balanced view of the essence of the meeting.
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