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another request

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    Hi there guys

    Sorry to keep you waiting.
    Kids demands, if you got them you know where I am coming from.
    some days are easier than others.
    Nicole sent me a email and said to call Nathan tomorrow at the office.
    So I will give that a go and see where this will lead to. Can you give me another day re emails. I dont want to put my foot in it and upset them.
    Once again I will request them to make a ann re Bongo2. Re the initial flows, carbons/gas, what oil do we have light crude/heavy crude they should know all that. They did say better than Bongo1. Well how much better? one - a thousand barrels a day?
    All I am asking for is the INITIAL FLOWS. They can tell the world about the fraccing later. Just find the info vague.
    Sorry getting back to everybody this late.
    Have a good night guys

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