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another reason tamiflu is shit

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    I've been over at Effect Measure talking to myself, waiting to be shot down (again) for supporting Relenza. I just posted this, can anyone fault my logic?

    "P.P.S. Here's something no-one ever criticizes Tamiflu for. It's all well and good that it is take orally, but IT CAN"T BE INJECTED.

    "zanamivir is not used because it is an inhaler and patients in the recent Asian outbreak were too ill to inhale even though laboratory tests show it has some effects on H5N1. Manufacturers should think about producing an injectable form. Drugs that are administered intravenously can be better absorbed in patients who have stomach and acidity problems. We don't have to worry about absorption, injections take drugs right in. But if the patient takes them orally, maybe some amounts won't be absorbed or some may be destroyed by stomach acids. Intravenous zanamivir would also ensure faster onset, which would be critical in patients who are seriously ill. Orally taken drugs take 3-4 hours to reach maximum blood concentration and 3-4 hours is very critical in severe cases. But injectable zanamivir takes only 30 minutes to reach maximum blood concentration, this is a huge difference. With an intravenous antiviral, doctors can also vary the doses."


    Perhaps instead of criticize Relenza because it is inhaled, people should be writing to GSK, and asking them what the f*ck they are thinking."
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