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    Pray for Chantal who works for the UN in Kinshasa, DRC. She is having many problems at her job, because the local people lie about her to her boss, a free mason, and he trusts them. Pray also for salvation for Roberto Ricci, Joana Alexandru and Jules Matumona.

    Dr. John During submits the following prayer request for Liberia. Last Thursday the muslims in Monrovia decided to introduce a new dimension into the Liberian conflict. Following an argument between a supposed Christian and a Muslim Gas Station owner, the Muslim decided to burn down the nearest Christian Church. The Christian then got infuriated and began to burn down Mosques. This continued well into Friday when the Government on the Ground imposed a curfew in Monrovia. Six Churches and an unspecified number of Mosques including the only Muslim High School were burnt. But more than that, the UN Forces have recovered large cache of arms and ammunition in Mosques and homes of Muslims. We thank God for exposing the Muslims and bringing to light their hidden agenda. We need to pray for God's divine intervention so that the UN Peace Keepers will be impartial. About 70% of the Peace Keepers are from Islamic Countries. It was my understanding that the area where the confusion started the other day (near the area where we live and have our Church), the UN contingent posted there were soldiers from Bangladesh, a predominantly Islamic State
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