What a pathetic rant :-D Most of the coal fired power stations...

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    What a pathetic rant :-D Most of the coal fired power stations in Australia were built WITH Government money. The latest Coal fired power station which was only opened in 2003 is already a white elephant. It took over 4 years to complete before it opened!!! Unlike renewable energy such as solar and wind which cost a fraction of this and can be built in a fraction of that time. I'm glad you don't make policy in this country.
    Australia's coal power stations are fast becoming redundant and fast losing millions of dollars. You will no doubt be shattered to learn that there will most likely NEVER be a new coal fired power station built in Australia. My condolences. Coal fired power is no longer viable despite your wanting delusional held beliefs. If you think coal is better read below...
    Reduced demand, and the need to reduce carbon emissions to reduce global warming continues to have a dramatic impact on Australia’s coal-fired generators, with one of Queensland’s largest, the Tarong power station, built in 2003, forced to close half of its 1,400MW capacity.
    What a disaster this cola fired power is.
    I look forward to Federal and State Governments supporting renewable energy as they should and say BRAVO to the Greens for reminding the government of their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by suggesting Government should back this as coal is costing us the earth. Literally.
    You're sad sick people who still champion fossil fuel (coal) power which adds to climate change / green house gases (FACT) and rubbish a clean energy future. Soon you'll be gone along with coal along with coal fired power stations too. We will dance and sing.
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