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    World’s 2nd Largest Ad Market,

    Largest OOH AdMarket

    •China's advertising spending, having experienced strong

    growth of 18% in 2006 amounted to USD 36.9 billion, is

    expected to climb 20% this year and even higher in 2008,

    driven by the Olympics.

    •China’s advertising market is projected to exceed USD 50

    billion by 2010, making China the second largest media

    market in the world.

    •China is set to become the world’s largest OOH market in

    2007. - with industry estimates projecting an annual

    turnover of up to USD 6 billion

    •OOH is the third largest media (after TV and print) -

    expected to capture 15% of advertising spend in China by

    2010 (compares to an average of 4% globally)

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