another liberal white collar crim elected

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    New Liberal MP vague on pyramid scheme role

    The new Liberal MP for the Adelaide seat of Kingston, Kym Richardson, is already brushing off controversy about his past less than a day after being elected.

    The former police sergeant says the Liberal Party knew before he was pre-selected about court charges he faced over a pyramid scheme more than six years ago.

    Mr Richardson and another officer were charged with promoting the scheme, but the charges were dropped on a technicality.

    However, the police department sought legal advice on whether he should face internal disciplinary charges.

    Mr Richardson - who was only yesterday declared the winner of Kingston, the second most marginal federal seat in Australia - told ABC TV's Stateline program that he did face disciplinary action, but not over the issue.

    He also admitted to having some involvement with the Concorde pyramid scheme and that people lost money. However, he declined to talk in detail.

    "I don't think I need to and in any case there was no evidence tendered and I will not be going into any arrangements in relation to the schemes, and or my involvement because like I said, I was not a part or a participant or promoting the scheme," he said.

    Mr Richardson says he would now warn anyone of being involved in pyramid schemes.
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