another joke

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    A man walking along the street bumped into the priest who taught him religious knowledge at school. They stopped for a chat. After a while talking, the priest asked the man if he had married yet. Unfortunaly no said the man. Every woman I find my mother always finds a problem. Either she talks to much, she is too skinny or too fat, she doesn’t like the colour of her hair etc. The priest offered some advice. Why don’t you try to find a woman just like your mother then she can’t complain. The man said that he would take the advice.

    About 12 months later the man was walking along the street when he again bumped into the priest. They stopped to have a chat. After a while the man said to the priest that he took his advice and found a woman like his mother. It is unbelievable. She has the same hair colour same mannerisms, is interested in the same things and they become the best of friends. Great said the priest. When are you getting married I’m not said the man. My father has thrown her out of the house.
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