There is a reason that HDPE shopping bags are used by...

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    There is a reason that HDPE shopping bags are used by supermarkets.

    This was because they are the cheapest, most efficient, method of getting groceries packed and in the hands of the customer.
    The bags evolved from earlier bagging methods under pressure of economics. Free market forces lead to this ideal. This
    means nothing to the loony green left.

    I can buy these bags in quite small quantities for approximately 2c each, delivered. If I wanted a container load like a large
    supermarket chain the the price would drop under 1c each. Apparently, future bags will be heavier making them more expensive
    and using more resources for no benefit as plastic bags will still need to be used to bin garbage.

    I would contend that supermarket costs will increase due to the slower loading of groceries into a variety of customer's bags.
    Also, all the customers walking around with opaque shopping bags will likely see a jump in shop lifting.
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