another good announcement - sydney going gangbuste

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    What's particularly pleasing is that the customer take-up rate is well ahead of the Company's most optimistic expectations. This, and the fact that "...the recurring revenue stream is proving to be significant..." gets my juices flowing - especially given a market cap of only $4.5m!

    Another Iinet in the making...

    Sydney Operations Review

    2003-05-14 ASX-SIGNAL-G
    HOMEX - Perth


    Swiftel Communications Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiftel Ltd has reported strong growth in its first three months of operation in Sydney.

    Swiftel recently signed a Wholesale Agreement with Telstra to have the use of Telstra's extensive network, products and services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

    The first part of Swiftel's expansion started on the 1 st February with the commissioning of the Sydney Point of Presence connected to the Telstra network.

    The initial product being sold is the Swiftel DSL product (a small business broadband product) has produced strong demand with customer orders received to date of over 800 and over six hundred and fifty customers connected in the first three months. The daily orders average of fifteen will see Swiftel achieve 1000 customers by the end of May.

    The recurring revenue stream is proving to be significant and Swiftel will now move to selling high end corporate products throughout Sydney, similar to the data products being sold in Perth.

    The set up of the Melbourne PoP is now being implemented with the Swiftel products rollout commencing at some stage in June.

    For further information please contact Chris Gale or Mark Hansen. Alternatively, visit

    Mark Hansen
    Telephone +618 9321 0219
    [email protected]

    Chris Gale
    Telephone +618 9480 1222
    [email protected]
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