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    cbro and warnie,
    I don't know about the "king fatty" tag, maybe I should have picked a better user name lol , when I picked it , it had nothing to do with my body shape ( I train 5 mornings a week )but all to do with stocks that go from small to huge lol.
    anyways, am now back in front of the screen after a short day at work and looking forward to reading through what everyone has had to say in the posts on GDA.
    I agree with warnies percentages except I think it's higher percentage for iron ore results.....why? because it appears there may be a delay in getting the huge number of gold assays processed due to all the work the labs have with the mining boom in australia....that makes perfect sense to me, just like delays in securing drilling rigs and getting staff can cause delays,as does getting access to rail lines and ports.
    So my guess is about 70% chnace it's Fe results and I agree with warnies figures, anything above 10mt is really good news for CAZ and GDA.
    5% Au results
    5% capital recon' ( all the details have been in the market for months, it's just a notice of meeting and the vote to happen) They wouldn't ask for a trading halt simply for a notice of meeting.
    In fact, even announcing some Fe results I wouldn't think they would ask for a trading halt, there would just be a 10 minute pre open like most often occurs. For there to be a request for a trading halt, if it's iron-ore related it sounds like it might be something big and maybe details of a jv with CAZ or another company to move towards maybe even a decision to mine based on confidence in "proving a resource" and identifying a market or Chinese partner/ investor. Remember Warren has advised in previous company reports they are actively seeking a "company maker" by investigating overseas opportunities etc........that's why I more often than not, suggest everyone to go back and read the quarterly reports and the exploration updates etc (also read the CAZ announcements for the last 6 months at least on the iron-ore in the huge Gondwana tenements). Particularly the CAZ ann' dated 24 oct 07 "Mt Caudian returns high grade iron samples up to 64% Fe".
    So I score the something else ? a 20% chance.
    Throw into the "something else" and you see maybe a Fe program at wallal downs ( north Pilbara), something in the marble bar tenement,something in the wetern shaw tantalum tenements and Moodong well, we could speculate for another week couldn't we !
    I'll post another comment on this thread about what I think might happen with the volumes and price level support based on an assumption that it's Fe results and the jv with CAZ.
    Cheers Stocks getting Fatter ( not king Fatty lol)
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