Another example of the world "gone mad"

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    Prisoners win right to p0rn
    November 11, 2002

    BRITISH prisoners will be allowed to receive hardcore p0rnography after a serial murderer used European human rights law to overturn a ban by prison authorities, Britain's The Sunday Telegraph reported.

    The British prison service is now drafting new regulations giving wardens discretion to allow inmates to receive p0rnography after a number of prisoners argued the ban violated the Human Rights Act which guarantees freedom of expression and the right to receive information.

    In particular the change stems from a campaign by Dennis Nilsen, jailed in 1983 for murdering six young men, for the right to receive explicit hom0sexual p0rnography, said the newspaper.

    British prisoners had been allowed to receive only soft p0rnography available from regular newstands, and guards would sometimes tear out pages containing pictures deemed too explicit.

    An advocate for victims of crime criticised the decision by the prison service.

    "It is not a human right to look at hardcore p0rnography," said Norman Brennan, the director of Victims of Crime Trust.

    "Soon we will be apologising to prisoners for sending them to jail"

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