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another dud year at vcr down 33.3%

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    So there you go.

    On this day last year it was trading at $2.11 and now it is a weak $1.39. When it cracks that resistance around $1.40 then it might be headed back to the average 50c pre tech boom.

    The 'would be' and 'could be' and 'I can ring the company people promised two 'big announcements by Christmas'.

    But there's a big fat fella in a red suit with an empty bag out at Chatswood.

    The Christmas gifts? An undisclosed death of one of two implant patients at St Vincent's a few days after the implant and the company had no trouble doing an ASX release of 'excellent recovery' phraseology without bothering to mention the man was in 'excellent' health apart from being dead.

    Then there was the arrival of Heartware with US major medicos on the team and similar propulsion but one third the size, one quarter the implant time and probably a fraction of the cost.

    Then a few days ago Johnson and Johhnson bought stent and heart equipment specialist Guidant for around $26,000,000,000 and Guidant immediately announced a move into heart devices and if they come into this area it will be a disaster for coming which think they can sell these little things for between $100,000 and $250,000.

    The two big announcements. Minor updates including that VCR had at last sent an application to the USA to ask for permission to trial their product.

    Yes, a good year. I wonder how they will fare at the next capital raising. Will they again get 2.25 per share?
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