another croesus??

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    Afternoon all,
    Not a bad opening gambit from "The Mount" eh?

    6m @ 8 g/t
    2m @ 33 g/t
    2m @ 14 g/t
    11m @ 21.73 g/t
    20m hit @ 12.74 g/t

    ATX says this confirms the potential for definition of a large high-grade gold resource. (See ASX release)

    Looks likeTom Eadie has done us proud in negotiating the Focus acquisition from SFG....ATX has "gone to The Mount" (not waiting for the mount to come) and looks like delivering paydirt. It's a pity Tom's been unable to move, with the new HQ, to Perth and watch this baby evolve, however I think he'll be well remembered for his foresight in steering us into gold. He's still on the Board 'til June.
    Kate Hobbs has been very active indeed in lifting our public image....perhaps a name change might'nt be a bad idea....Austminex doesn't exactly stir the blood does it? But hey, who cares.....when you've got the goods, to hell with everything else. Kate has been contacting shareholders and also issuing frequent press updates, ie lifting our profile. On top of this already excellent management team we also have Peter Vanderspuy on this is a bloke who has the runs on the board with Delta and Zimplats and also has his money in the company, not by way of gratuities either, but his "hard earned". A company maker by any definition of the term.
    And so we wait, not very patiently, for further releases.
    Personally, I'm glad to be aboard.
    Cheers all, let the good times roll!

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