another chinese mining disaster.

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    Their average death toll in recent times has been about 3000 odd souls per annum.
    Recent disasters must be lifting that towards 4000+.
    A good contract for "Worksafe"?

    Hopes fade for 102 trapped miners in Guangdong
    Updated: 2005-08-07 21:46

    Chances for the survival of the 102 trapped miners were slim as water kept rising in a flooded coal mine in South China's Guangdong province, Xinhua News Agency reported Monday.

    Rescuers set up pumps during a rescue mission at the Daxing Colliery in Huanghuai township in Xingning city in South China's Guangdong province August 8, 2005. [newsphoto]

    Experts estimated 15 million to 20 million cubic meter of water had flooded into the tunnel of a private coal mine under the name of Daxing, which is located at the Wanghuai Town of Meizhou City.

    The water level was rising by 50 cubic meter per hour, Xinhua said.

    At present, two pumps are pumping water from the mine shaft and three others are being installed.

    The province has sought help with the neighboring regions, and Jiangxi Province, one of its close neighbors, has sent two big horse-power water pumps.

    However, experts found it was hard to locate where the water comes from, which adds difficulties to the effort to find the cause of the accident.

    More than 600 people were engaged in the rescue operations.

    The accident occurred at 1:30 p.m. Sunday when 106 miners were working in the tunnel about 480 meters underground. Only four escaped from the flooded site.

    One of the four is hospitalized, and work is underway to identify the trapped miners.

    President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao have urged the local government and departments concerned to "take substantial steps and spare no efforts" in saving the trapped miners.

    Governor of Guangdong Province Huang Huahua has rushed to the site upon receiving the report. He asked the rescuers to do their best to save the miners.

    Li Yizhong, director of the National Bureau of Production Safety Supervision and Administration and Zhao Tiechui, director of the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Administration are on their way to the coal mine to supervise the rescue work.

    Local government has ordered the coal mines in the city to suspend operation for safety examination.

    Life there seems to be SOooooo cheap.

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