another black monday?

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    Five months after Black Monday - Executive Order 12631 was quietly signed into law. Today, it's about to explode in the face of millions of investors...

    This Executive Order (signed without media coverage or fanfare) led to the formation of a closely-knit and secretive group of political and financial titans.

    This Team includes none other than Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the heads of the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Association. It also works closely with the heads of the various stock exchanges and the big Wall Street banks including: Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

    The group is now known on Wall Street today as the "Plunge Protection Team".

    This tight little frat team's role is to ensure that a Black Monday scenario never occurs again.

    Yet despite its enormous resources it has only succeeded in bringing about the very disaster it was supposed to avoid. It helped turn the bull market into a bubble...and the bear market into a bomb-like bust. Worse, the damage it's caused has only just begun...

    In this special report you'll learn about the most closely guarded secrets of the "Plunge Protection Team" (PPT). You'll learn how they've begun to engage in dangerous and illegal measures that could jeopardize the financial futures of millions of unsuspecting Americans.

    But you'll also learn about a powerful age-old financial device that can protect you from the coming economic turmoil. Plus you'll learn how a hand-full of well-informed investors have used this device to rack up extraordinary gains in the past few years - whilst millions of Americans watched their retirement dreams get washed away.

    This group have not only been preserving their capital against a falling dollar and a collapsing economy - but they've been racking up extraordinary gains of 658%...193%...158%... and more - simply by capitalizing on lucrative investment opportunities outside the U.S. markets and the Wall Street way of thinking. Problem is, the average American investor doesn't even know these opportunities exist...

    That's why I'm writing to you introduce you to these little-known investments and strategies. (Until recently many of them were almost exclusively enjoyed by the super rich. Today I'll show you how you can take advantage of them too).

    My name is Robert Bauman. I was a former U.S. Congressman for the State of Maryland. Through the years I've seen a lot of changes in Washington. I was a 15-year old Page Boy when I witnessed Dwight Eisenhower's first State of the Union address. And I was a 35-year-old Congressman when I heard Richard Nixon deliver one of his last speeches. In between there was Kennedy, Johnson and later Ford and Carter. I've lived through 40 years of State of the Union addresses. But I've never seen anything like the mess America is in today. Frankly it's terrifying. Add to it a war on terrorism - and it's a recipe for sure disaster.

    In a moment I'll tell you about exclusive investment opportunities that can protect you from this...but first let me tell you why it's absolutely urgent you take advantage of them NOW...

    Buyer Beware: The Rallies are Rigged

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