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Another Appeal for useful assistance

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    A must read, …. or Far from a Monday Mirth!

    There are within MFS/OCV/PIF Group investors who also are victims of the Fraud Banking Practices,
    currently the main subject of a Parliamentary Inquiry initiated by Senator S. Dastyari.

    A consumer body, BFCSA has for some time now campaigned for a Royal Commission into
    these matters and a very considerable progress is being made towards that goal.

    A January Report has just been released by this consumer group.
    Here’s a small sample of one of the directions taken:

    [ Yet the current Ombudsmen: xxxx, xxxx, xxxx and xxxx all use Determinations favouring
    the banks and take no notice of the lead of the courts or Mr xxxxxx.
    Why? Each of the Ombudsmen is amazingly an ex banker and/or ex ASIC from ‘the ASIC Gene-Pool.’ ]
    (names deleted to comply with HC TOU)
    ASIC (read G Medcraft), yet again, is in the firing line of all outraged victims of this Privileged Appointee
    from the dark zones of Australian politics.

    Make it count with your involvement.
    I last appealed for your involvement when calling for 8 December 2014
    show of your outrage at KPMG “settlement offer”
    Myself and another PIF member with conscience fronted J Perram’s bench to loud sneers
    of delighted KPMG legalese.
    “Is this the settlement opposition, just these 2?”.
    And Perram in his limited wisdom accepted these sneers totally bypassing
    the obvious idiocy of the $/0.0158 payout inadequacy.

    Let’s not have such episode replicate itself with this initiative
    for Royal Commission; well overdue!
    It's a a cert that there are many PIF members
    still saddled with this problem.

    Your contact to Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association (Inc)
    www.bfcsa.com.au / [email protected] may prove to be useful.

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