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    29 June 2007
    MKY expands acreage around bonanza grade tenement
    MKY wishes to advise the market of having expanded its exploration areas around granted tenement EPM 14315 on which it advised the market last week of bonanza uranium grades of up to 83.4 lbs/ton of U3O8.
    MKY has expanded its exploration holdings on the north, west and southern sides of the tenement with EPM 15540 adjacent to the northern boundary containing 17 sub blocks and EPM’s 13966 and 16296 on the western and southern boundaries containing 80 sub blocks (each sub block contains approx. 3 square kilometers).
    Of significance is the fact that Exploration Target Zone 1 which contained the high grades of 83.4 lbs/ton, 81.4 lbs/ton, 54.6 lbs/ton, 43.4 lbs/ton, 20.6 lbs/ton, 6.52 lbs/ton and 5.46 lbs/ton of U3O8 is located in the north western corner of EPM 14315 and whilst no geological work has yet been carried out in the adjoining areas, the north/south trending geology appears similar and where possible, the areas will be included in the upcoming exploration program outlined in the announcement dated 22 June 2007.
    The market will be kept fully informed of both the content and results of the forthcoming exploration program.
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