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    Sep. 16, 2003
    IDF kills Islamic Jihad leader near Hebron

    IDF special forces killed a senior Islamic Jihad fugitives, Majid Abu Dosh, in the village of Dura south of Hebron, on Tuesday. Abu Dosh was shot at while trying to escape a house surrounded by IDF troops, reportedly belonging to his uncle.

    The incident began when troops surrounded the building early Tuesday and called residents to come out. Among those emerging was an armed man with a bullet-proof vest. The man tried to hide among the civilians and then began to flee, military officials said. Soldiers called on him to stop and then killed him, the officials said.

    Troops then fired missiles toward the house, believing another fugitive to be inside the building.

    Abu Dosh, an Islamic Jihad leader of the Hebron area, was allegedly involved in the attacks in 'Worshipers Way' in Hevron, and in Otniel, in which four yeshiva students were killed.

    Earlier, IDF soldiers arrested five Islamic Jihad and Tanzim fugitives in Jenin. While searching the area, the soldiers discovered a stock of ammunition, and were fired at. No casualties were reported.

    The arrests were made hours after IDF soldiers in the West Bank arrested nine wanted fugitives of the Hamas and Tanzim. One of those arrested in the overnight raids was a 17-year-old from Nablus, slated to carry out a suicide attack in the near future.

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