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annual report

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    very colourfull, a lot of nice girls too ;-)
    the outlook, brilliant.

    wifi is the fastest growing market, a new bubble. don't think so. it is a worldwide increase in notebook sales, and those people wanna travel and roam and do business.
    world economie is exelerating, business people travel more again.

    germanys forecast 800.000 new connectinos a year till 2008

    swiss telekom investing, the lot in a wifi network.

    u.k. traincompany GNER are doing trials for wifi wagons on their trains, systems delievered by swedish company Solution-Provider Icomera

    u.s. the market is huge allready and CISCO and linksys are investing, in the wifi network.
    the californian commuter express train ACE are preparing trials, also the trainlink between Sacramento - Oakland - San Jose is working on a system.
    and so on....

    for australia, this worlddemand in wifi will also increase demand here.
    the only thing what will keep the price down at the moment, is the placement of the new shares. what will be the price. but otherwise, skg crossed the 200 day average, back in june.
    like colin nicholson said in the latest shares magazin,

    it helps to spot emerging growth stocks ;-)

    well done jonathan
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