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    AFT Corporation Ltd Suite 8, Level 6 All Mail to:

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    N O R T H A M E R I C A • A S I A – P A C I F I C • E U R O P E

    Microgenix Wins Breakthrough Defence Contract.

    Microgenix Technologies Ltd ( A Joint Venture Company owned 50% by AFT Corporation Ltd)

    has secured an order from the UK Royal Navy to fit out six T-45 Destroyers with the Microgenix

    air purification system. The units have been purpose designed by Microgenix, to meet the

    exacting specifications required by the Royal Navy. These specifications include size, weight,

    efficiency, shock and odour requirements.

    This contract is the largest single contract secured by Microgenix to date. It was secured

    through Microgenix’s relationship with York Marine Systems, a member of York International,

    the largest air conditioning contractor in the world. York holds the primary contract from the UK

    Ministry of Defence for the supply of HVAC Equipment for six T-45 the British Royal Navy

    Destroyers. The contract commences immediately and is expected to be completed by October


    The total value of the contract is UK£453,000 (A$1,133,000) and it represents a significant step

    towards generating escalating cashflows from marketing and sales.

    Mr Philip Hall, Managing Director of Microgenix stated that "the contract represents a

    watershed for company. Not only have we received our breakthrough defence contract we have

    won the contract in conjunction with the worlds largest air conditioning company. This special

    purpose Microgenix System fits the needs of the defence forces around the globe for

    lightweight ,compact and energy efficient HVAC systems on particularly their ships and

    submarines, and I am confident it will lead to further significant orders in the near future".

    Issued by:

    AFT Corporation Ltd


    Jeff Dalco

    Managing Director

    Ph: +617 5471 1633

    Fx: +617 571 1655

    [email protected]

    Microgenix Technologies is a JV company owned 50% by AFT Corporation Ltd

    The Microgenix Air Purification System represents a revolutionary advance n air purification

    technology with its ability to rapidly capture and eliminate all harmful pathogens and viruses

    tested to date. These include surrogates for Anthrax, Tuberculosis and Smallpox
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