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announcemnet very soon

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    I know i keep saying it but announcemnet is on the way. Ems will announce that they have finished trial production, I thought it would of been announced on friday or even today, but it still to come. Four months ago their was an announcemnet that ems had 1/2 the cost of production of their retractable syringe, the next day they traded over 16mill VOLUME. Ems only has 21 mill issued shares. This stock is waiting on news, and if it does trade anywhere near 16million shares after the news this stock will push well over the dollar mark. Their has been high volume for the last week, range from 1million volume to 6 million (20% increase for the day) on no news. Wait for the announcemnet and reap the reward. My advice is to hold untill they go into full production in late october.
    Good luck, Please do own research, look back on anouncements in april of this year
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